A Boy And His Dog


In the year and a half since Lex's autism diagnosis we've devoted a lot time, energy and treasure toward helping him cope with his challenges. I'm happy to say that, even though at times it seemed unlikely, Lex has begun to show some signs of real progress, but there are still challenges we're working to overcome.

My Son Is Autistic


Last fall, Lex was diagnosed with autism.

Sandy Goes To Tokyo


Sandy swung the door inward as she inhaled. It was a strange ritual. She always took a deep breath when entering a hotel room for the first time. She told herself that it was because the housekeeping staff usually cleaned the room the hardest between guests, but deep down she knew that it was just one of those things you develop a habit of doing, one of those habits that brings comfort to your routine, especially when your routine is disquieting.

An Open Letter to the Boy Scouts of America


To anyone who will listen at the Boy Scouts of America:

Recently, the Boy Scouts of America chose to continue a ban excluding homosexuals. For the reasons outlined below, I hereby renounce my Eagle Scout award, effective as long as this ban stands. Additionally, I will not enroll my son in scouting as long as this ban stands.

Perfect Is The Enemy Of The Good


It's funny how I find wisdom in words sometimes when that same wisdom has been visible by other means. There are so many settings where I seek wisdom in my daily life. Usually I try and absorb it from people I interact with. Lately, I've found it more often between the covers of a book or in articles I read online. Within the last two days, I've encountered the following phrase twice, and I find it fascinating since it's been in places I look for wisdom often. The phrase is, "Perfect is the enemy of the good." You've probably already heard it. If you have and you think, "Of course, that's obvious," then you didn't need the lesson that I did. For some reason, seeing it summed up this way is good for me, and had an impact.

A New Project

I've begun work on an iOS App that will take the best parts of personal finance software for the PC and make it possible to use exclusively in the mobile world.

Plans Within Plans: Lake House Edition


As anyone who knows me will tell you, I'm a planner. I like to know where I'm going and how I'm going to get there. Planner Matt is a perfectionist, and deviations from the plan are rarely suffered or enjoyed. It is not uncommon for Planner Matt to make a plan and then not share it with others. Taking the time to share my plans with others seems like a good way for people to know where I'm going, so I think it's a good idea.

Tianna and I are going to build a lake house up near Coldspring, TX on Lake Livingston.

Alexander Edward Hitchens


One month ago tomorrow, I became a father. It's becoming hard now to remember my state of mind before I dreamed of this time of my life. I can remember being younger and not worrying about such things, or being fearful of the entire concept of parenthood. In truth, I believe I have wanted to become a father now longer than I haven't. Now that it's happened, my feelings are many, but one thing is for sure. My life has changed forever, and I feel as though I have achieved a great thing.

The Family Accountant


When I started dating Tianna, we did what every couple does. We took each other on dates, bought each other flowers, and thanked each other for the gesture. As time went on and we got engaged, these rituals gave way to a new consciousness; we were nearing a place where our financial independence was more of a blurred line than a hard and fast rule. Soon we were finding out how much money the other made, what assets we had, what debts we would soon share. After discussing it and putting everything on the table, we decided about six months before we got married to combine everything we had.

Aikido, Brown Belt


Not long ago, I was promoted to brown belt, nikyu, in aikido. This marks an interesting boundary in my aikido journey. From now on, any new ranks I earn are accompanied by a demonstration of skills, starting with ikkyu. I'm excited about this, and I can see where someone would find their aikido journey begin to slow down around now. I'm starting to see why sensei puts so much emphasis on being consistent and determined about one's training.


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